I am a final year MEng Design Engineering student at Dyson School of Design Engineering, Imperial College London.

Design Engineering is a brand new course started from 2015. It is an interdisciplinary course which bridges design thinking and engineering skills with emphasis on creativity, human factors, and entrepreneurial skills.

As a design engineer, I am curious about things happening around me, and I embrace the freedom of thought and expression. I value the cultural, emotional and environmental considerations while applying technology.


I care about people and our planet.


June 2018 "Lezor" project exhibition at "Rethinking Plastic: design with a mission", yksi expo, Netherlands

Sept 2018 "AXPendula" project exhibition at London Design Festival: Exhibition Road Day of Design

Apr - Sept 2018 Design Engineering Internship at SafetyNet Technologies

Jan - March 2018  Science Museum Frankenstein Festival Story-Telling Creative 

Dec 2017  V&A Samsung Digital Classroom: jewellery design with Silvia Weidenbach


July 2017  Institute of Making Festival of Stuff: Textile-Moulded NSEPS Masterclass


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