AXPendula is an installation exploring the simple harmonic motion in sound and vision.

The combination of the generation of music notes and the movement of simple pendulum creates an audio-visual experience for the audience to appreciate the beauty of sound. The audience can interact with the installation by choosing the scale they are interested in. The scales are mode I minor pentatonic, mode II major pentatonic, mode III Egyptian, E major, D minor, Dorian, C minor and G major scales. Different scales will allow the audience to experience different psychoacoustic effects.

The installation was selected to be exhibited in the Dyson School of Design Engineering on 23 September as a part of the London Design Festival 2018.



Thanks for the help and support from Dr. Lorenzo Picinali, Isaac Engel and professionals from Reactify Music and Abbey Road Studios.

AXPendula project will not be as successful without their guidance.

Exhibition photos credit to Joel Trotter.

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