Future Music


The way music is created, produced and distributed is and always has been hugely influenced by advances in technology. The overall experience keeps adapting as the way people listen to and share music changes.

Music is often associated with visual stimuli. People can see how the music is performed in various places such as theatres, concert halls and clubs. They also share the listening experience when watching theses types of performances together. However, as music has become more accessible through portable devices, most of people’s music listening
experiences have become more personal and isolated.

So, how can the social experience of music be brought back to listeners?

Thanks to technologies such as augmented reality and 3D audio, music experiences can be enhanced with new dimensions that would create new ways of person-person and person-environment interactions. These interactions will allow people to share music with friends in the space and listen to the recorded music as it were performed in the space around them.

Project Portfolio



We would like to thank people who gave us guidance and advice, including:

Dr Lorenzo Picinali, Dr Leila Sheldrick, Isaac Engel from our school

Jon Eades from Abbey Road Studios

visitors to our interim review from ROLI, Reactify Music, IDC and Frog Design.

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